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S2S,LLC (SinnerS2SaintS Apparel)

Behind The Name SinnerS2SaintS;

We believe the words SinnerS2SaintS projects an image, a image of changing for the better. S2S was used to not only represent our own mission, but also others alike that have ever felt lost in life as well. As a child, it's easy to be detoured from the right path, then without knowing it's easy to get lost on our journey, making it hard to find a helping hand to guide you back.

  "Everyone experiences the harsh and unforgiving roller coaster in life, in a world where nothing is indefinite except change it's easy to get lost at any stage in life"(MRH).

 As adults, we can finally realize the impact and importance that a positive or negative influence has in one's life, and the role it plays in all children, young adults and their parents.  At S2S.LLC we Strive to be the most Postiive roll model around. 


  •  We are not selling you on our items at hand, but on our ideas and purpose behind the name and our mission with a positive message. A shirt that is made just to be a shirt, will be nothing more than a shirt, But make it with a purpose, a mission, putting our idea and own positive message behind it. And all of our shirts, gear and merchandise now transform into a symbol for all to understand with our iconic Logo.   

Why buy from S2S

 We aren’t just selling you our products and items, we’re selling you the idea and mission behind the clothing company. When you buy from other clothing companies, you support personal gains. At S2S we want to sell you on our old school souls with a new look. We strive to be the most honest and helpful company around. 

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